Friday, December 3, 2010

Your Parents

Everybody may have parents. They are very helpful and support us for our development. Many people are come in our life. But they are for some times or in good times. But parents are all time with us. They always try their best for us. Suppose, When we born we were unable to survive our-self, when we are come to age then we need mental, financial, educational, medical etc. help. And all the basic and other help we are given by our parents. So every people knows the importance of parents. Sometimes we do unwanted behave with our parents. But is very sad that we do it for our simple maters. If they do same like us then we will not be there in the earth. Like all the people I have parents. They are very good. They help me when I face problems. I also share all the works with them. We have 5 members in our family. One brother, one sister and my father and mother. My Brother is an university student. He always busy at his study. My sister also an university student, she also busy at his study. My father is a teacher. He always busy in his duty. My mother is housewife. She takes care all the members in our family. I help her when I get time. We are really happy family.